Seminars and workshops are regularly scheduled and can be tailored for individuals, professionals and organizations:

MBSR - Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction - this course teaches the practices of mindfulness and meditation to improve health, reduce stress, heal from emotional wounds and past trauma, revive energy and create habits that will support life-long happiness and peace.   It is based on the book 'Full Catastrophe Living' by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  

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Anxiety & Depression Workshop - a one-day workshop that focuses on recent evidence-based interventions to deal with anxiety, panic disorders and depression, as well as idiopathic depression and persistent anxiety that can threaten one's capacity to function in daily life and to find peace, happiness and joy.

Spiritual Consciousness Workshop - this one day workshop is intended to broaden the understanding of consciousness as it relates to emotional and mental health, encompassing body, mind and spirit.   It is neither specifically religious nor void of faith or devotion but is designed to expand and deepen the individual's spiritual sensibilities, learning about, acknowledging and  honoring the self on the journey through life.   Emotional well-being is the foundation of mental health and includes both conscious and unconscious processes inherent in the totality of the 'spirit'.  It  demands  a vital re-visioning of  brain hemisphere functions and a deeper grasp of that which connotes 'mind'.
   Participants will come away with a greater intuitive grasp of how their own thinking, feeling, sensing, and perceiving comprises not only the sum of their personalities but profoundly affects and even controls the degree of happiness and peace experienced throughout life

Workshops may be co-facilitated with  Psychotherapist, Jan Tkachuk. You can visit her website at

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