A testament to Brenda Whiteman

Thank you for a great session last night and sorry for keeping you. I feel very blessed to have you as my counsellor, you have a real gift and I appreciate your wisdom, grace &  caring spirit. 


                           A testament to Brenda Whiteman:

It would not at all be an exaggeration to say that Brenda Whiteman saves lives.  It would be more accurate, however, to say that she revives spirits.  For what would a  life be without its spirit?

This is the sad reality that so many of us today know all too well - the reality of living our lives without our spirits.  And it's when your spirit comes looking for you that you really need the help of someone like Brenda.

I lived without my spirit for thirty-three years; we'd been severed from each other when I was a child.  I, like many people, distracted myself from my frustrations and tried to fill my void with all that money could buy.  This ultimately led to anxiety and depression.  My spirit had come for me, but I didn't recognize it anymore.

This is when I found Brenda.  It took some time and lots of patience and understanding, but slowly Brenda was able to revive my spirit.  She used her art as a gifted therapist, combined with her intuition and wisdom to mould my life and my spirit back together as the one and only beautiful me. 

Thank you for saving me Brenda!

                                                                                     Angela S.

                                                                                      September 2015

                                   A testament to Brenda Whiteman:

I have known Brenda Whiteman for over 6 years and have been witness to her gifts as a teacher, therapist and writer.  She works from a place of deep knowledge and experience, using her gifts to share her message with the world.

She is brilliant both as a thinker and a therapist who has extraordinary skills and warmth. 

Almost 7 years ago I reluctantly walked into Brenda's office with my  life falling apart.  I was greeted by the kindest smile and the warmest voice.  She worked so hard and made me work until we figured out what was happening for me.  I couldn't do this alone or without Brenda.  She is the most amazing, beautiful, kind-hearted soul I have ever met.  I thank God every day that our paths crossed.  If it weren't for her persistent, caring and loving attitude towards me I wouldn't be here today.  She goes above and beyond to help and I can't thank her enough.

                                                                                  Amanda M.

                                                                                  December 2015

"By way of Brenda's care and concern, and skill at using EMDR therapy I was able to overcome a phobia/anxiety that I had suffered with for 26 years!  She gave me the confidence and strength I needed, that only a professional could offer. Thank you Brenda, you are a true credit to your profession."

George R.

May 2017